What happened and what we can do with Decentraland Districts

Introduction UPDATE (1): I’ve corrected the ‘51% contributors voting’ to ‘67% of all lands voted’ and added the link. UPDATE (2): There may be small errors, I’ll try to correct them as the discussion continues. I have the best of the intentions. I’m trying to improve stuff in Decentraland, trolls only want to focus on […]

Tobik LLC announces $69USD offer to acquire Waifumons brand

Dear community, It has been a long journey since we started this company. Our vision has always been to create content that could help future players of Decentraland in an easy and intuitive way. Throughout our journey, we have been facing challenges and barriers that we were able to overcome with a lot of hard […]

My vision for PlayToEarn, my GolfCraft video and the future of my content

Since I joined this space, I always thought that something was not okay with PlayToEarn. To me, a video game’s mission is to entertain the player by providing them with a unique story, a space to express themselves, a field to compete against others by improving their skills or even a moment of inspiration for […]