My vision for PlayToEarn, my GolfCraft video and the future of my content

Since I joined this space, I always thought that something was not okay with PlayToEarn. To me, a video game’s mission is to entertain the player by providing them with a unique story, a space to express themselves, a field to compete against others by improving their skills or even a moment of inspiration for future works.

Maybe it’s me but it seems that the original intentions for this type of art have been distorted recently. Nowadays, for a bunch of gamers, video games are a job. For example, you have the case of e-sport players who compete against others in return for money. These people probably started playing for fun, but at some point, it ended becoming their main source of income. And don’t take me wrong, fun + money can be 100% possible, but what when fun doesn’t exist anymore? what happens with the purpose of a videogame? do video games really need to entertain?

You don’t have to go really far away to see that this applies to other things in life. Most kids in my area play soccer because the happiness and wellness that generates for them are priceless. ‘Priceless’ until they start becoming professional players. I guess the vast majority will keep enjoying soccer but another group will just persist because of the money when in reality they would prefer to do anything else.

However, there are different points of views.

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